Rosalie Trail

On a warm and sunny day in late August, I set out for another hike into the Mount Evans Wilderness. Originally, I wanted to reach the summit of nearby 13er Rosalie Peak but ended up taking the Rosalie Trail further out into the wilderness instead.

Looking back on it, I probably spent more time bushwhacking through the wilderness than on the actual trail itself. Nonetheless, here is some more information about my hike:

  • Date: August 19th, 2019
  • Miles Hiked: 15 Miles
  • Route: Rosalie Trail and then bushwhacking off trail

Getting There

Both the Rosalie Trail and the Tanglewood Trail can be reached via the Deer Creek trailhead outside of Bailey, Colorado. It can easily be found by typing in Tanglewood Trails into Google Maps.

The Route

Upon reaching the trailhead, I started hiking up the trail but just followed the creek for several miles until it came out onto the actual Rosalie Trail. I stopped to have something to eat just before I reached treeline.

Sitting under a tree.

Shortly after I started hiking again, I reached the intersection with the Three Mile Trail and soon decided that it was time for something different. Although I did end up taking part of the Three Mile Trail for a mile out and back, I soon decided to start bushwhacking over the open tundra towards the east.

Rosalie Trail above treeline.
Looking over towards Mount Evans.

With the weather continuing to hold, I continued on through the tundra for several more miles. The scenery was so breathtaking as I was completely surrounded by mountains on all sides.

Continuing on through the wilderness.
Just incredible.
More mountains to the north.

As I was taking in the views, I continued on hiking up towards the ridge until I stopped to have lunch on top of a large rock outcropping. I sat there for about 45 minutes and left once I started to see some storm clouds forming in the vicinity of Mount Evans.

A perfect place to have lunch!
Looking west towards Kataka Mountain.
Storm clouds forming.

The Return Trip

At about one that afternoon, I decided to call it a day and head back to my car. The storm clouds would keep building and within a half mile of the trailhead, it started to rain but it just felt so peaceful.

Looking back at the storm clouds forming.
One last photo before heading towards the Rosalie Trail.

Once I got back onto the Rosalie Trail, things began to get interesting. I stopped to take a picture of the trail next to a pond. Little did I know that I would have some very close animal sightings within the next half hour of my life.

The trail next to a pond.

But that’s not all! Between fifteen and twenty minutes later, I was walking down the trail when I heard what sounded like horseshoes hitting the rocks on the trail ahead of me. At the time, I figured it was literally just a couple people riding horses up the trail enjoying the late summer day.

Much to my surprise, I kept hiking down the trail and turned a blind corner only to come face to face with a moose and her baby no more than fifty feet in front of me!

I knew I was way too close at this point but their was nothing that I could do about it. After looking at me, they both ran off deep into the woods.

Fifteen minutes later, I was walking down the trail just zoning out when I spotted a bear about 150 yards away. Once it spotted me, it just ran further down the valley away from me and more towards the creek.

Looking back on it, it was definitely an awesome afternoon out there on the Rosalie Trail that I will never forget.

Pegmatite Points

On the first Tuesday of August, I woke up and decided to pick a somewhat easy hike for the day. I figured it was time to do some more exploring in the Mount Evans Wilderness. And with that decision in mind, I found myself at the Deer Creek trailhead outside of Bailey, Colorado.

Here’s some more info about my hike that day:

  • Date: August 6th, 2019
  • Miles Hiked: 9.9 Miles
  • Route: Tanglewood Trail via Mount Evans Wilderness

Getting There

Both the Pegmatite Points and Rosalie Peak are accessible by the Deer Creek Trailhead. Interestingly enough, you can find this trailhead by typing in Tanglewood trails on Google Maps. Personally, I like this trailhead as it is set back in the woods pretty far away from everything and you can also hear the creek as soon as you get out of the car.

The Route

From the trailhead, the route up to Pegmatite Points is very easy to follow. Early on, I crossed a bridge that goes over Tanglewood Creek and just stood on the bridge taking it all in. I had the feeling that it was going to be a good day.

Tanglewood Creek.

From there, I followed the trail up the creek until I came to a junction where the Tanglewood trail and Rosalie trail meet. It is very important that you keep going straight on the Tanglewood trail at this point.

Before you cross into the Mount Evans Wilderness, you will want to make sure that you fill out a free wilderness permit and keep it with you for the rest of your hike.

Heading up the Tanglewood Trail.
A sign welcoming you to the Mount Evans Wilderness.

For the first several miles, the hike is pretty mellow and just follows along Tanglewood Creek. At times, parts of the creek run onto parts of the trail but these can easily be avoided. Before reaching treeline, I encountered some nice switchbacks but they didn’t really last too long.

Going up through the switchbacks.

Once above treeline, the views opened up dramatically as the woods down below come into view. Additionally, the surrounding peaks also start to become more visible.

Peaceful view.
Looking west.

The switchbacks continue well above treeline until I reached the saddle between Rosalie Peak and Pegmatite Points. At this point, it was really starting to get hot as the afternoon sun was directly above me. At the saddle, Rosalie Peak is accessible by going right while the Pegmatite Points are off to the left.

Beautiful view on a beautiful August day.
A steep rock face just below Rosalie Peak.
The Pegmatite Points!

From far away, the Pegmatite Points really don’t look all that imposing. But once up close, I encountered some fun sections that required some easy scrambling until I finally reached the summit.

False summit.
Scrambling fun.

The Summit

With the summit at 12,227 feet, the views are just remarkable. Rosalie Peak looked so breathtaking and Denver is even visible way off to the east too. I sat up there and ate my lunch taking it all in for awhile. It didn’t even seem real.

Rosalie Peak from Pegmatite Points.
Another summit view looking out into the surrounding wilderness.
The valley below.

The Return Trip

With some more clouds starting to roll in, it seemed like it was good time to pack up and head back down towards the trailhead. But I simply had to take some more photos on the way back.

A stream crossing.
Heading through the woods.
I could sit here all day.

Although it was an uneventful trip back, it was so serene and peaceful out there. I really didn’t want to leave at all. Nature is just so amazing!

Until next time!