Mount Sniktau

With each passing day, I’ve found myself becoming more addicted to both hiking and reaching the summit of mountain peaks. Reaching the summit of Mount Sniktau definitely made me realize this.

Specifically, I woke up late Sunday morning and worked my twelve hour shift until 3am. Instead of going to bed, I stayed up and drove to Loveland Pass on Monday morning and have no regrets. Here’s so more information about my hike:

  • Date Hiked: July 1st, 2019
  • Miles Hiked: 3.5 Miles
  • Total Elevation Change: 1,250 Feet
  • Summit Elevation: 13,240 Feet

Getting There

Loveland Pass is easily accessible from Interstate 70. Plenty of parking can be found at both the top and just below the summit of the pass. It also happens to be located on the Continental Divide as well and the views are just absolutely remarkable.

The Journey

Even from the parking area, the views were just off the chart. Being so high up already at nearly 12,000 feet, the trail itself was a steep path straight up the side of the mountain with the views becoming more incredible with each step.

The view from the Loveland Pass parking area.
The beginning of the trail on a beautiful Monday morning.
The view near the end of the steep section with Loveland Pass down below.

It does level out for a brief period of time before it continues to climb some more. I must admit that I was pretty surprised to still see that much snow up there too. Doing this hike was the perfect way to start the month though!

Continuing on up the trail.
Nothing but snow covered peaks with the Eisenhower Tunnel down below.
Just so breathtaking!

And about 1.75 miles later, I found myself at the summit! Although it’s definitely a shorter hike, I still got a good workout from it and was nothing less than impressed.

The Summit

Even though it was windy and still a little cold, I didn’t let that deter me from sitting at the summit for half an hour. While I was sitting up there, a nice little pika was kind enough to make an appearance for me too!

From the summit of Mount Sniktau looking east with Interstate 70 way down there.
Another lovely view!
Looking down in the immediate valley.
A pika blessing me with its presence.
So dreamy.

I really didn’t want to leave because it just felt so peaceful. But I was pretty tired too and figured it was time to go home and get some sleep. So that’s exactly what I did. But the return trip proved to be more eventful than I figured it would be.

The Return Trip

As I was heading back, a group of Mountain Goats came out of nowhere and ended up crossing the trail in front of me. Although they were gone in a flash, I was able to get a couple pictures of them enjoying the day and what not.

Mountain Goat mania.
Mountain Goats with a view.
One last photo of the surrounding mountains.

All in all, I’m glad I stayed up a full 24 hours to do this hike. It was so worth it. I’d have to say that this is an excellent beginner 13er with incredible views. I definitely recommend it and would do it again anytime.

Author: David Higham

Spending time in nature calms my soul.

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