May 2019 Review

Overall, May proved to be a somewhat lackluster month in terms of hiking. It started with a decent amount of spring snowfall and ended with some warmer weather as well as more opportunities to get out and explore. It seems like it passed so quickly that I barely had much of a chance to enjoy it. Nonetheless, here’s a quick recap of what I was up to:

May 15th– Alderfer/ Three Sisters Park- 4.2 Miles

May 26th– Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve- 2.25 Miles

May 29th– Mount Galbraith Park- 4.3 Miles

May 31st– Meyers Ranch Park- 4.1 Miles

Total Miles Hiked in May: 14.85 Miles

Total Miles Hiked in 2019: 169.84 Miles

I always enjoy hiking up in Evergreen and May 15th was no different. I got a nice picture of Elephant Butte right before sunset that evening.

Elephant Butte before sunset.

It was also an awesome month in that I finally got spend time with mom after not having seen her in 3 years! Definitely looking forward to the next visit and more fun times ahead for sure!

At the entrance sign to Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve.

During the last week of May, I also got out to hike in both Mount Galbraith and Meyers Ranch Park once I got done with work. Definitely one of the many perks of getting done with work at one in the afternoon!

Looking back towards Golden and beyond from Mount Galbraith.
A storm approached while hiking in Meyers Ranch Park. No worries though.

With May 2019 in the books and summer officially just around the corner, I’m definitely excited about what’s in store for these next few months! As I write this, I’ve already hiked way more in the first half of June than I did during the entire month of May and then some.

Author: David Higham

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