Mount Galbraith Park

Another park located within the Jefferson County Open Space trail system, Mount Galbraith park is located a short distance outside of Golden, Colorado off of Golden Gate Canyon road. After what seemed like an eternity at work, I headed out there on a Wednesday afternoon and was treated to some much needed solitude and scenic views.

Here are some more details:

Date: May 29th, 2019

Miles Hiked: 4.3 Miles

Trails Hiked: Cedar Gulch and Mount Galbraith Loop

Trail Conditions: Occasionally muddy

Before too long, I started up the Cedar Gulch trail and views of the surrounding area quickly became visible. As Golden Gate Canyon road meanders its way around the nearby hillsides, it isn’t long before you are treated to more dramatic views.

Heading up the Cedar Gulch trail.
The northern portion of Golden quickly becomes visible.

In a short period of time, Golden and South Table Mountain come into view with the Coors Brewery also becoming much easier to recognize. After taking a quick break to hydrate, I was on my way again. The Denver skyline was beginning to come into view and actually looked pretty cool.

The Denver skyline way off to the east.
A more complete view of Golden.

I also saw this tree that was growing all by itself on the very edge of a steep cliff. It was kind of symbolic because it had probably been through countless storms of all kinds and yet stands unfazed by both nature and mankind.

A lonesome tree overlooking Golden.

Shortly thereafter, I reached the Mount Galbraith Loop trail. It was at this point that I truly realized just how green the surrounding landscape had actually become.

A green hillside.
Looking back to the east towards Golden.

Although it continued to get steep, it wasn’t anything crazy at all. In fact, the only somewhat rough spot was towards the end of the loop as you have to go around a steep little boulder field of sorts. After I got through that, it was smooth sailing all the way back to the trailhead.

Looking out west.
A better view of Denver.
The aforementioned steep boulder section.

Although I hiked this trail on a day when it was barely 60 degrees, I would recommend hiking early in the morning or during the evening due to the lack of shade once it really starts to warm up.

Something else worth noting is that the parking at the trailhead is rather limited. On many occasions when I have gone to Golden Gate Canyon State Park, I have always seen a lot of people parked along the edge of the road, especially during the weekends. Other than that, it’s a relatively easy going hike that could be completed year round.


Author: David Higham

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