April 2019 Review

Despite the ever changing weather conditions during the month of April, I still managed to get a lot of hiking in. It was definitely a challenge but I still feel like I was able to accomplish quite a bit. Here’s a quick overview of what I was up to:

April 6th– Reynolds Park- 12.2 Miles

April 13th-Staunton State Park- 15.5 Miles

April 14th– Golden Gate Canyon State Park- 11.65 Miles

April 23rd– White Ranch Open Space Park- 6.1 Miles

April 28th– Lory State Park- 3.4 Miles

Total Miles Hiked in April: 48.85 Miles

Total Miles Hiked in 2019: 154.99 Miles

Coyote Trail at Golden Gate Canyon State Park.
A steep portion of the Coyote Trail at Golden Gate Canyon State Park, Colorado.

If their is something that I’ve learned, it’s that pictures simply cannot capture just how beautiful nature truly is. What you see through your eyes sometimes cannot simply be completely captured by a camera. I always continue to find myself in awe when I go back and visit places that I’ve been to only once during a different time of year.

Looking up at one of the many rock faces in Staunton State Park, Colorado.
Elk Falls Overlook Area in Staunton State Park, Colorado.
Hiking through a burn scar area near Reynolds Park.

Overall, April proved to be an enjoyable month for hiking as spring is finally upon us with summer soon to follow.

Plenty more adventures to come!

Author: David Higham

Spending time in nature calms my soul.

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