Elk Meadow View Trail

After previously running out of space on my memory card for my camera, I was determined to redeem myself and see if the local elk herd was nearby. With that being said, this was my second visit to Elk Meadow Park in the span of just six days. Nonetheless, I set out on a quite brief afternoon hike to enjoy a warm spring afternoon.

Here are some more details:

Date: March 27th, 2019

Miles Hiked: 4 miles

Trail Conditions: More muddy than anything with only a few snow covered spots

For this particular hike, the trail goes in the same direction that you take to reach the Bergen Peak trail until you reach an intersection leading you into a deep wooded section. In this area, the trail was slushy for about a mile until I reached a clearing and was treated with a nice view of the meadow.

Looking down on the meadow.

After reaching this viewpoint, I then entered into the woods again as the trail began to gradually meander its way back downhill. The scenery sure did prove to be relaxing after a pretty stressful day at work!

Lots of scattered trees throughout the meadow.
More of the meadow and the vast nothingness.
Looking up at a steep cliff that border the edge of the trail.

Despite being a nice little afternoon hike, unfortunately no elk were to be found anywhere nearby. My quest to find the elk has truly only just begun though. I’m sure they’ll find me the way the Bighorn Sheep crossed my path in Waterton Canyon. It’s only a matter of time!

Author: David Higham

Spending time in nature calms my soul.

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