Evergreen Mountain Trail

Several days before Colorado was hit with a blizzard, I set out to go hiking but did not have any particular place in mind as usual. With it snowing off and on throughout the recent weeks, I wanted to see how the surrounding mountains were looking. And before long, I found myself headed for Alderfer/ Three Sisters Park near Evergreen, Colorado. I really enjoy going to this park as it is a well maintained park within the Jefferson County Open Space system. Here are some more details about my hike:

Date of Hike: March 10th, 2019

Miles Hiked: 8.26 Miles

Trail Conditions: Somewhat snow covered and muddy in other areas

Other Trails Hiked: Homestead and Mountain Muhly Trails

From the parking lot at the west entrance of the park, I headed through an opening in the fence and crossed the road to reach the start of the trail.

Crossing the road to get to the Evergreen Mountain trail.

The first portion of the trail was surprisingly dry. However, it all quickly turned to completely icy. From this point on, I put my spikes on and proceeded into the woods. Although their was a decent amount of snow up in the woods, the trail itself was pretty worn down. What surprised me was that on my way up the trail I only passed one other person on a late Sunday morning.

Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed the view as well as the solitude as their was just one other person at the summit.

The view from the summit.
Another vantage point of Mount Evans and its neighboring peaks.

From the summit, I also looked back to the east to find Evergreen and also spotted frozen Evergreen Lake.

Looking east towards Evergreen Lake.

After spending about 15 minutes at the summit, I decided it was time to head back down. In no more than about a half mile, I passed ten different people who were headed up to the summit. Glad I left when I did! Because this trail did not really take me too long to complete, I decided to tack on a few more nearby trails.

Coming out of the woods from the Evergreen Mountain trail.

With that being said, I proceeded onto the Homestead trail once I returned to the parking area. This trail is relatively flat and goes through some areas of trees but also features some open fields as well. It’s also a neat little area thanks to the cool rock outcroppings nearby.

On the Homestead trail.
A rock outcropping surrounded by some trees.

With the Homestead trail also being relatively short, I then proceeded onto the Mountain Muhly trail. This particular trail was still icy in spots but was nothing too treacherous at all. Just down at the bottom of a small hill was a creek that was beginning to thaw out which I could also hear the water running underneath it. After I passed this particular spot, the view of the surrounding area also opened right up too.

The frozen creek.
Looking back down the Mountain Muhly trail.

Overall, this hike was pretty enjoyable and the park itself is very easy to get to. By the time I left all of the parking spots were nearly full. The only bad thing that really happened was that I somehow managed to lose a spike somewhere on the Evergreen Mountain trail that I actually didn’t notice until several hours after the fact. But such is life!

Author: David Higham

Spending time in nature calms my soul.

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