February 2019 Review

February definitely had its share of ups and downs. With snow falling on a consistent basis throughout the month, it proved to be somewhat difficult to get some good quality hiking done. Nonetheless, I still found a way to make it happen and explore nature and even have a close encounter with a group of Bighorn Sheep. Here’s a quick recap of what I was up to in February 2019 along with some of my best photos:

Waterton Canyon to Bear Creek on Colorado Trail: 17.5 Miles on February 10th

Bear Creek Trail: 12.1 Miles on February 16th

Waterton Canyon: 6 Miles on February 17th

Matthews/ Winters Park: 5.1 Miles on February 26th

Total February Hiking Mileage: 40.7 Miles

Year to Date Hiking Mileage: 83.28 Miles

My favorite photo of the month was my close up with these Bighorn Sheep!
Looking out at the surrounding forest from the Bear Creek trail.
A side view of Red Rocks Amphitheatre as seen from Matthews/ Winters Park.
The view from the top of the Morrison Slide trail in Matthews/ Winters Park.

While February felt like it was the longest 28 days ever, the month of March and the beginning of spring will hopefully bring more opportunities to get outside more to do some good quality hiking! However, I don’t want to be too optimistic considering the fact that both March and April are usually the snowiest months of the year in the Denver area. Regardless of whatever the weather conditions are, I’m looking forward to warmer weather and more exciting adventures ahead!

Author: David Higham

Spending time in nature calms my soul.

4 thoughts on “February 2019 Review”

  1. Wow, you’ve done quite the mileage so far this year! Good work!

    If you’re looking for something new to try in Waterton Canyon, look at Goat Mountain. All of the ups & downs are pretty rough but it has gorgeous views! (The route description is on AllTrails.)

    1. Thank you! Definitely looking forward to hiking more during the week once the weather starts to improve a bit.

      Oh yeah I’ve heard of Goat Mountain too. I’ll definitely check it out here at some point, especially since I live close by!

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